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Thin Film Filter

FOCI Technology

Rapid development of telecommunication systems and increased applications can put a serious strain on the carrying capacity of existing cable systems. WDM systems alleviate capacity constraints and enable flexible provisioning of additional bandwidth on high-traffic routes in carriers’ networks, without significantly increasing insertion loss.


Used to split or combine different optical signals in terms of optical power or wavelength, these components play an important role in the deployment of fiber optic network systems.


FOCI’s WDMs are manufactured Thin Film Filter design. These WDMs feature high isloation, ultra low insertion loss and back reflection over a wide range of temperatures, wavelengths and mechanical stresses.


FOCI’s WDMs come with your choice of different configurations and packaging options and connectorization to suit your needs.The splitting ratios can be made with uniform or non-uniform coupling ratios.


To provide our customers the best quality products, FOCI’s WDMs are made to conform to Bellcore’s standard TR-NWT-001221 in terms of optical characteristics, mechanical testing and reliability.

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