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Fiber Optic Communications Inc.

FOCI is recognized as a pioneer in fiber optic interconnect,

FBT (Fused Biconic Taper), and PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit)

technology development in Taiwan.

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About us

We design, manufacture and market a broad range of high performance fiber optic components and integrated modules including fiber optic coupler, PLC splitter, thin film coarse WDM, dense WDM, multi-fiber cable assembly module, etc. that increase the bandwidth and flexibility of today’s communication networks. In addition to fiber to the home (FTTH) application, FOCI has developed new high-speed optical cable products under Light peak technology to bring fiber to the desk applications into practice.

Our products make it easier for our customers to innovate, compete and continue to drive down the cost of optical communication hardware worldwide, and to deliver optical networking systems to the rapidly growing long-haul, metropolitan and last-mile access segments of the communication networks.


To consistently enhance our competitiveness by improving quality and quick delivery time, while creating profits and maintaining the rights and interests of our shareholders.


Sustained growth on the strength of our reputation and customer satisfaction. Enhance our ability while strengthening our core strengths and technology.

Core values

Honesty and trustworthiness in protecting IP rights. Team work and synergy with customers in producing custom products. Nimble and innovative design and production response to meet our customer’s expectations. 

Why we are different

Manufacturers don’t stay in business for 24 years by merely reacting to market forces. FOCI has been Taiwan’s leader in fiber optic communication manufacturing since 1995. Our strategy of investing in quality rather than focussing on profit earning, has resulted in numerous quality certificates such as ISO 9001, GR-326 etc.

Customers know that FOCI not only produces great products, but that our customer service, quality procedures and satisfaction guarantee are among the best in the industry.

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